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L O S E your way. F I N D yourself.

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Behind The Film: Want to know what inspired the look of Tanner Hall?

Director Tatiana von Furstenberg dishes the details: “Our main intention with costumes was to include wardrobe pieces from several decades in order to accomplish the timeless feel of the film—vintage clothing from the 30’s, boots and denim from the 70’s, etc. At all times we tried to represent four decades of fashion mixed together. Francesca and I wanted to stay away from any trends. There were no trendy hairdo’s or technology, it had sort of a neutral elegance you might say. We wanted to show real people, not just actors playing characters. Their personality has to come from within, not from their fashion. Our goal was to create a world that is unified and TANNER HALL magical, and somehow aspirational.”

Tanner Halll Behind the film.

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