Well. we’re going to do? First, the administration will make a video (about his life, blabla). People who want to be in the video can give us your name via ASK, the end of the video, uploading ALL the names. ALSO can attach photos with pictures, posters, always with YOU in the picture. We want to show her how much people loves her. (Maybe something like this, or a drawing, a photo, your collection of magazines, ANYTHING)

We also want to do a TT on twitter called # happybdayrooneymara but we need your help (: are you ready?

And finally, we will book online with our signatures, we post the url soon (:

You can also write things on you tumblr post, create your photos, all under the sametag, # happybdayrooneymara on tumblr. We try to get her to see, and if it does  well, we show our love, right?


You can submit your photos here with your name (:

all this will happen on April 17.

(I know, my english sucks. Sorry people).